Video Producer/Videographer-Editor 

As a racing fan from Indiana, it only made sense that Jason started his career as a production assistant with ABC Sports at the Indianapolis 500. The excitement hooked him as a visual storyteller, where he ended up spending nearly 17 years as a television photojournalist. 

He took great pride in giving a voice to those that needed it the most.

“I love the complexity of video storytelling. Technology is always changing, so there are always opportunities to grow and learn.”

He also loved the breadth and variety of news. “I shot just about everything under the sun. I loved the variety, and excitement of what could be next.”

After news, Jason told sensitive and complicated health stories with a regional healthcare provider. This prepared him for his role in the County focusing on COVID-19 and health communications, a role he took on in 2020. 

Jason earned a degree in Telecommunications from Indiana University. In his free time, he loves hobbies where he gets to learn new things. Cooking, painting, sewing, home repair, music making, white water rafting. That being said, he did stop riding motorcycles when his daughter was born. (A big sacrifice but very worth it.)