Languages Spoken at Home, 2015 American Community Survey​
This series of interactive maps shows language distribution by neighborhood using the most recent Census data. We hope that, while the data clearly underrepresented the numbers of other-language speakers, it helps target outreach. You can look at other languages as a composite, or break it down by the county's most commonly spoken languages. 

New to Arc GIS?  Watch this short video about how we use it here at MultCo Global.

Arc interactive application showing concentrations of people who speak a language other than English at home credit: Ryan Johnson, GIS analyst, Multnomah County

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Multnomah County tells the stories of our residents to help the wider community learn about the services we have to offer. When we use someone's photo, or interview him or her on video or for a story - particularly if we're telling a story about programs they access through the Health Department - then we use the following publicity release forms to make sure everyone's on the same page: