This proposal will restore supervision to high risk offenders convicted of misdemeanor crimes. This program offer addresses a gap in the public safety system by creating the capacity to supervise and change the behavior of approximately 500-600 offenders convicted of misdemeanor offenses (250 on active supervision in the first year), which were cut in FY 2006-2007.

Budget Range: $250k - 500k

Status: Not implemented
At the time the workgroup started, this proposal had not been implemented. While DCJ supervision of domestic violence misdemeanants and other select categories of misdemeanants continued, the restoration package to extend supervision services to other misdemeanants was not restored.

DCJ staff will be convening a workgroup to determine the system impact of misdemeanor cases, including use of jail beds and supervision costs if not properly classified. The workgroup also discussed combining this proposal with an overall inventory of current services provided in each correction facility and the system-wide demand for these services.

Last updated September 2009