About DSS-J

Decision Support System - Justice (DSS-J) provides Multnomah County with a cross-jurisdictional and cross-system view of the criminal justice information.  DSS-J allows users to query justice agency data, track events such as criminal incidents, arrests, case dispositions and criminal histories, and respond to requests for research regarding operational and policy issues affecting the public safety system. The system is used by research analysts and DSS-J staff to evaluate programs and policies, design and generate recurring reports and analyze systemic issues and problems throughout Multnomah County’s public safety system.

LPSCC administers DSS-J and oversees the further development, improvement and administration of the system through the DSS-J Policy Committee.

Organizational Structure

  • DSS-J Policy Group steers DSS-J policy
  • DSS-J Operations Group
  • DSS-J User Group


Multnomah County’s Board of Commissioners and public safety officials obtained voter approval of a $7.5 million bond to improve information technology among the County’s law enforcement and justice agencies in 1996. This bond money was used to fund the development of the Decision Support System for Justice (DSS-J), a common data warehouse that integrates public safety data from local sources while allowing individual justice agencies to continue their operations and data systems without interference.


DSS-J Policy Manual (645.45 KB)

DSS-J Access Request Form (204.69 KB)

DSS-J Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) November 2022 (1.25 MB)

2016 Environment Assessment of DSSJ (220.01 KB)

DSS-J Strategic Action Plan 2012-2013 (137.66 KB)