Health advisory lifted Oct. 2 for Willamette River

October 2, 2014

The following is a repost of a press release on the Oregon Health Authority site Oct. 2, 2014

Contact is Jonathan Modie, 971-246-9139,

The Oregon Health Authority has lifted a health advisory for the Willamette River. The advisory, issued September 16 and updated September 18, covered the stretch of river from Ross Island to Sauvie Island.

Water monitoring has confirmed reduced levels of blue-green algae and their toxins. These reduced levels are not likely to be harmful to humans and animals.

Since not all water bodies or sections of a river are monitored for blue-green algae, Oregon health officials advise people who use Oregon waters for recreation to always be alert to signs of algae blooms. People and their pets should avoid contact if the water is foamy, scummy, thick like paint, pea-green, blue-green or brownish red in color, or if a thick mat of algae with an unpleasant odor is visible in the water.

For health information, to report human or pet illnesses due to blooms, or to ask questions about a news release, contact the Oregon Health Authority at 971-673-0400. Also contact the Oregon Public Health toll-free information line at 1-877-290-6767 or visit the Harmful Algae Blooms website at and select “Algae Bloom Advisories,” for information regarding advisories issued or lifted for the season.