Multnomah County residents who are Health Share of Oregon members to get new IDs

February 25, 2013

Beginning Tuesday, Feb. 26, Health Share of Oregon members in Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties will begin receiving new identification cards in the mail.

The new ID cards are part of Oregon’s health reform. Multnomah County and its partners are working to improve the network of care around our patients on the Oregon Health Plan. We're working together to make it  easier for people to make appointments, manage their ongoing illnesses, such as diabetes, and avoid unneeded trips to the emergency room.

Under health reform, people who receive care through the Oregon Health Plan access that care through a coordinated care organization. There are two coordinated care organizations in Multnomah County, Health Share of Oregon and FamilyCare Inc.

Much of what is changing is behind-the-scenes as we work to coordinate better care for people across our region. The new IDs are a sign of the three counties, area hospitals and health plans now working together.

If you are a Health Share of Oregon member and you receive a new ID in your mailbox, it is import to know that:

  • Your primary care provider, or doctor, remains the same.
  • Your eligibility remains the same.
  • Your benefits remain the same.

Although the ID card is new, your relationship with your Multnomah County primary care home or behavioral health provider will remain the same.

Health Share of Oregon is the the state’s largest coordinated care organization, providing care for about 165,000 people on the Oregon Health Plan. Based in Portland, it was formed as a collaborative effort by 11 partner organizations, including health and hospital systems, payers, providers and Multnomah,  Clackamas and Washington counties.