New Central Courthouse shines blue in salute to COVID-19 first responders and healthcare workers

May 8, 2020

Across America, landmarks and buildings are being lit blue to honor local healthcare workers and first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic. NBC News recently reported on a number of buildings in Chicago that helped start the trend.

Not to be outdone, the team constructing Multnomah County’s new Central Courthouse at the west end of the Hawthorne Bridge launched a blue light salute this week, using the nearly completed building as a stage.

“Our electrical subcontractor On Electric Group installed a blue film along the windows on three upper floors of the building this week,” said JD Deschamps, the County’s courthouse project manager. “So those floors will shine blue at night. Multnomah County, Hoffman Construction and our project team wanted to honor all the workers who are keeping us safe during the pandemic. We will probably keep the blue light on until we get ready to open the courthouse in mid-July.”

As of May 8, there have been more than 825 cases of COVID-19 in Multnomah County with 52 deaths. As the state gradually moves toward lifting stay-home restrictions, the number of cases is expected to increase, and continue to require more of healthcare and first response workers.

To show our support for essential workers we are lighting up the east elevation of the building with blue lights to shine towards the Willamette River,” said Josh Durham, a project manager with Hoffman Construction, the general contractor building the courthouse. “Other Hoffman projects are lighting up their sites as well, such as the new Hayward Field down in Eugene.”

“The courthouse lighting display also makes the building look like it’s wearing a mask,” added Deschamps.

For information about the new Central Courthouse, visit: /central-courthouse-project

Three floors of blue light on new Multnomah County courthouse salute COVID-19 first responders.