NEWS RELEASE: Demonstrating urgent shelter expansion, new space opens in site leased by Multnomah County, Joint Office

May 9, 2022


Denis Theriault, Multnomah County Communications,

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Access will not be permitted inside the shelter, but B-roll of the space filmed Monday, May 9, is available here. For photos of the space, also from Monday, May 9, click here. Please credit “Courtesy of Multnomah County” for any footage/images used. 

NEWS RELEASE: Demonstrating urgent shelter expansion, new space opens in site leased by Multnomah County, Joint Office 

PORTLAND — A Multnomah County-leased building at 120 S.E. Market Street has opened Monday, May 9, as a 24-hour, 120-bed adult shelter operated by All Good Northwest.  

Monday’s opening speaks to the County and the Joint Office of Homeless Services’ shared, ongoing commitment to urgently increasing shelter capacity, both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Joint Office is seeking funds to support nearly 2,700 shelter beds next year, almost double the number of beds provided before the pandemic. That expansion was made possible by federal COVID-funds, Supportive Housing Services Measure funds, and surplus Business Income Tax funds.

The low-barrier facility at 120 S.E. Market will open with space for 40 people initially, with staff methodically adding more people in the coming days to reach full capacity of up to 125 people. Beds – prioritized for people of all genders who are 55 and older or who have disabling conditions – will be available only by reservation.

To obtain a reservation, call All Good Northwest at 503-971-2024 or visit

Once enrolled, participants will have a bed of their own for as many days as they need. Participants can store their belongings at the shelter in personal lockers, access hygiene services onsite, access laundry service, and bring in their well-behaved and housebroken pets.

The shelter also has dedicated staff to provide case management, housing navigation and behavioral health support services. 

Participants at 120 S.E. Market will have access to case management, housing navigation and behavioral health support services in dedicated offices.
All Good Northwest is operating the shelter with funding from the Joint Office of Homeless Services. 

“We're excited to begin our work at 120 S.E. Market,” said Andy Goebel, All Good Northwest’s director. “This shelter will make an immediate difference for dozens of vulnerable neighbors -- offering not just a place to sleep, but also a community and wraparound services that offer a chance to build stability and find wellness.” 

Multnomah County began leasing the space, a former office and warehouse complex, in December 2021. The space almost immediately was used as an overnight-only severe weather shelter during a handful of days in December and February. 

The Joint Office and Multnomah County began renovating 120 S.E. Market later in the winter to prepare it for use as a longer-term adult shelter this spring – reflecting Multnomah County’s urgent pursuit of added shelter capacity – even as additional renovations are planned in the coming months.

After those additional renovations are complete, 120 S.E. Market will serve as a low-barrier shelter for people who identify as women, also serving up to 125 people a night.

The Market Street shelter joins several that have opened since November 2021, including a motel shelter at the former Rodeway Inn (137 rooms), Beacon Village PDX (10 sleeping units), the Arbor Lodge hybrid shelter (58 congregate beds and 12 sleeping units), a mental health motel shelter program (15 rooms), and a new family shelter in east Multnomah County (30 rooms). Rooms and sleeping units can serve more than one person. With Market Street, those shelters have 387 beds, rooms or sleeping units.

In addition, starting in April, congregate shelters open before the pandemic have been working to add as many as 450 beds as the COVID-19 pandemic enters a new phase.   

Cots and personal lockers at the 120 S.E. Market St. shelter.