Notice of Funding Availability for Employment Services

November 1, 2022

Issue Date: 10/28/2022

Responses Due: November 18, 2022 no later than  5pm


An optional information session will be held on November 4, 2022 at 11am (see below for Zoom meeting info)

Refer Questions to: Natalie Arreola (503) 504.5179 


The Joint Office of Homeless Services (JOHS) seeks responses from all qualified providers (see attachment A for a full list of the procurements). The Metro Supportive Housing Services Program (SHS) is a regional funding program to address homelessness and housing stability, prioritizing Communities of Color. The program aims to increase housing stability and equitable services delivery across the region through inclusive community engagement, investments in programs that advance equity, and tracking indicators that demonstrate success in these areas. Approaches that deliver culturally-responsive and/or culturally-specific services, will be prioritized.


The following values outlined in the Metro Work Plan are incorporated into Multnomah County’s local implementation plan and are intended to guide the program implementation at all levels:

  • Strive toward stable housing for all
  • Lead with racial equity and work towards racial justice
  • Fund proven solutions
  • Leverage existing capacity and resources
  • Innovate: evolve systems to improve
  • Demonstrate outcomes and impact with stable housing solutions
  • Ensure transparent oversight and accountability
  • Center people with lived experience, meet them where they are, and support their self-determination and well-being
  • Embrace regionalism: with shared learning and collaboration to support systems coordination and integration
  • Lift up local experience: lead with the expertise of local agencies and community organizations addressing homelessness and housing insecurity


The Joint Office of Homeless Services (JOHS) is launching an employment related programming expansion of $235,000 that will prioritize low barrier employment opportunities for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, individuals experiencing or at risk of long-term homelessness throughout Multnomah County. 

JOHS has invited local housing and homelessness service providers who may be interested in expanding their existing employment services or developing new employment services to express their interest in becoming part of this effort. 

Required Submittal: 

  • 2023 Employment Programs Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) - required submittal outlined in Section 5 
  • JOHS Budget Template (also linked as Appendix A, required with each proposal)

Informational Session (Optional):

An optional Information Session will be held on Friday, November 4th, 2022, 11 am - 12:30 pm: Zoom Meeting Link

Download Application Packet:

Employment NOFA Application Packet (838.21 KB)

The above zip file includes the following individual documents:

Employment NOFA Announcement (157.81 KB)

Employment NOFA Scope of Work (147.94 KB)

Employment NOFA List of Qualified Vendors (70.94 KB)

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