Each year, the Community Involvement Committee selects priority areas during their annual retreat. These focus areas create the foundation for subcommittee work and members work throughout the year to develop recommendations for the Board of County Commissioners. 

During the 2020-2021 cycle of work, the CIC focused on two priority areas-- community outreach & engagement and BIPOC community engagement. Over the course of the year, the outreach & engagement subcommittee finalized the Resolution Prioritizing Multnomah County’s Commitment to Early, Inclusive, and Equitable Community Outreach and Engagement, which was adopted by the Board on May 27, 2021. The BIPOC Community Engagement Subcommittee focused their efforts on learning more about Multnomah County advisory groups and the ways BIPOC community members are centered during the recruitment, selection, onboarding and retention processes. You can find their recommendation letter below: 

2021 BIPOC Community Engagement Subcommittee Recommendation Letter (706.78 KB)

Recommendation Letters from Prior Years

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