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One of ADVSD’s core services is helping seniors (older people), and people with disabilities get services that meet their needs while living as independently as possible. 

Our case managers

  • assess needs
  • assist in developing individualized service plans
  • and coordinate and monitor services

Good care coordination entails many key elements. 

Case managers do a comprehensive assessment that includes

  • looking at healthcare needs
  • determining how much assistance is needed with basic personal activities like bathing, eating, dressing, mobility, transferring from bed to chair, and using the toilet
  • identifying existing resources that help the person remain at home
  • learning about the person and their preferences for assistance

Case managers also authorize and coordinate service plans and benefits such as

  • basic medical coverage
  • financial assistance
  • nutrition assistance
  • Medicaid long-term care services 

Case managers provide ongoing support, such as monitoring and re-assessment of needs and services.  As the person’s health status and basic personal care needs change, case managers revise services and care plans. Individualized care planning and personal choice is the cornerstone of ADVSD's case management system.

Private pay service counseling is an option for people who do not qualify for services through ADVSD. For more information on how to find and screen a private case manager, call the Helpline at (503) 988-3646