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Transportation Scheduling and Coordination 

Transportation Assessment

Adults 60 years and older or with disabilities will be pre-screened for eligibility for transportation services and reassessed annually by a Transportation Coordinator using the Transportation Assessment form. The outcome of the screening will determine eligibility and inform the level of assistance received.

A copy of the assessment must be maintained by the contractor and uploaded to Universal Client Registration (UCR).

Monthly Log Must Contain:
  • Participant name
  • Participant prime number
  • Services provided to participant
  • Confirmation of completed assessments and their upload to UCR

Ride Connection

Ride Connection Assessment:

Ride Connection assessments must occur within 3 business days of the individual's initial contact with the transportation provider, and the assessment must be shared with District Center or Enhancing Equity Transportation Coordinator. Transportation assessments must be completed and reported annually.

Ride Connection Monthly Report Contains:
  • Name
  • Number of rides requested and number of rides received
  • Date and time of each ride
  • Start and end location of each ride
  • Ride price
  • Name of District Center, Enhancing Equity Program or ADVSD Transportation Coordinator or staff that authorized the ride
  • Names of individuals who received assessments
  • Whether individuals were confirmed for transportation services after their assessment
  • Confirmation the assessment has been shared with the relative district center or enhancing equity partner
  • Primary language spoken by individual
  • Language the assessment was given in
  • The total number of clients who speak English as a second language
  • The total number of assessments not provided in English
  • Confirmation that logging, tracking, and reporting of information is completed in UCR
Non-Guaranteed Rides:

If contractor is unable to provide a guaranteed ride, contractor shall let the Transportation Coordinator and individual know at the time of the request.

If a ride cannot be guaranteed by contractor, contractor must notify the individual 2 days before the date of the requested ride on whether the ride will happen as requested.

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