Annual Report 2019 (42.91 MB)

Dear Community Members,

Happy 2020! When you elected me, I promised to focus on accountability, equity, and community. Here are some of the ways I am keeping those promises:


I pledged to improve our process for following up on audits.

  • Each audit report now establishes an expected time line for audited programs to implement recommendations.
  • We will require each program that we have audited to provide us with evidence of how they have implemented, or are working to implement, recommendations.


I pledged to include the perspectives of marginalized communities in our audits, and to highlight internal inequities within county government.

  • With the county’s Office of Diversity and Equity, we developed an Equity and Empowerment Lens tool to help us consider the people, places, processes, and kinds of power occurring with regard to a particular issue or decision – and to be sure to include people affected by the issue in our work.
  • I am requiring ongoing education for each person in my office – including me – on
  • institutionalized racism, equity, and related topics.
  • We have established a new risk assessment tool that calls out potential risks to people’s health and safety.


I pledged to connect with the county communities.

  • I held three listening sessions during the year. We focused on making the events accessible; we held events at kid-friendly coffee houses and libraries, offered refreshments, and made sure that people could request accommodations, if needed.
  • My staff and I attended community meetings across the county – from the Coalition of Gresham Neighborhood Associations to the Coalition of Communities of Color’s annual soiree to the housewarming for Unite Oregon, and lots in between.
  • I created a social media presence for the office. You can find out about our audits by following us on Twitter (@MultAuditor) and Facebook (@AuditorJenniferMcGuirk).

I am proud of the work my office is doing on your behalf, and I am humbled and honored to
serve you.

Thank you,