Dear friends and neighbors,

As I reflect back on 2022, I keep thinking about the idea of “yes and.” Auditing is about “yes and” most of the time. We strive to provide you with accurate information about how county government is working, and that story is rarely one we can tell in absolutes. It is not a story that is either/or, one where everything is good or everything is bad. It is much more complicated than that. 

People in your county government are working hard to serve the public - yes. And the systems they work in need to improve. We are privileged to have a unique role and duty to you to tell the whole, complex, nuanced story. 

It has been an honor this year to work with a team that is really dedicated to getting that nuanced picture to you, county employees, and county leadership. Doing so helps all of us celebrate what is working well while acknowledging what needs to change so the county can make important improvements. With every project we take on, my team and I strive to provide information and recommendations that point to measurable ways to positively transform systems.

I’ve also been thinking about “yes and” in terms of the challenges we face as a community and in our larger world. From countering white supremacy to combating climate change to shoring ourselves against a constant barrage of serious viruses, we are dealing with a lot. Yes. And, every day there are examples of people pushing for systems change to create a more sustainable, just world. And that advocacy for systemic change gives me hope. 

Your support for County Charter reforms that will support a more accountable, transparent county government gives me hope too. In November, more than 85% of voters passed a measure to establish an ombudsperson in my office. My team and I are finalizing a job announcement for that role, and I will let you know when we post that recruitment. Perhaps it would be a good fit for you?

Best wishes for a joyous 2023!

Jennifer McGuirk
Multnomah County Auditor

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2022 Audit Reports Summary

Community Engagement

On December 2, Central Catholic High School hosted over 20 local and statewide government offices and groups for their yearly Democracy In Action event. My office met with students to answer questions about our role in ensuring accountable, transparent, and equitable government. We enjoyed the meaningful conversations about career paths to be a government auditor and how justice and equity appear in audits. I welcome opportunities to have meaningful conversations about my office’s work and how we serve as a resource to community members. 

My staff also attended the 5th Urban League for All of Us Community Conversation. We listened to the panel of community members about public safety and the public defender shortage in Oregon. The panel discussed systemic issues and possible solutions, such as crime prevention investments. As we listen, we learn the wisdom that heals and changes systems belongs to the community voices and leaders alike. If you would like me or one of my staff to come listen or talk with your organization, simply fill out this form and we’ll be in touch.

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Social Media Platforms

Accountability, transparency, justice and equity in government - it’s what we’re all about in the Auditor’s Office. As we begin the new year, we won’t be using Twitter, rather we’ll be using other platforms. Please follow us and be the first to learn more about our latest updates here.