A message from Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury

At just over $2.8 billion, Multnomah County’s Fiscal Year 2022 budget is the largest that has ever been adopted by the Board of County Commissioners. Its historic nature, however, isn’t simply derived from the dollar figure — this budget is also a product and a reflection of a uniquely historic year that has indelibly shaped the lives of our community members, and has crystallized the vision for what Multnomah County can become.

Since the beginning of last year, Multnomah County has led the public response to the COVID-19 public health emergency. We’ve worked hard to ensure that our neighbors who are most vulnerable to the virus, whether it’s because they are surviving outside or belong to communities that experience steep barriers to care, have the support they need. The County has been challenged and moved to action by resounding calls to dismantle systemic racism and confront racial injustices. And we continued to be the dependable social safety net for people at risk of falling through the cracks, helped the community safely navigate a toxic air event and held multiple elections.

In the face of multiple, and sometimes intersecting, crises, Multnomah County stepped up and into spaces of need through effective and equitable services. And now, with vaccination rates continuing to climb, the County is poised to help lead our community into a chapter of recovery informed by the lessons and values that have allowed us to endure the past year.

This FY 2022 Adopted Budget has been crafted to address Multnomah County’s most immediate priorities in the wake of a pandemic that will undoubtedly continue to have considerable impacts on the health, safety and stability of our community. At the same time, this budget looks toward our shared future by including once-in-a-generation investments — mainly through funds raised by three voter-approved ballot measures — that lay the groundwork for community-altering initiatives that can close disparities and improve the lives of thousands of people...

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