Project Information

SE Cochran Road is carried across Beaver Creek on the new bridge that replaced the old, undersized culvert.

  • Location: SE Cochran Road, between Troutdale Road and Paloma Ave
  • Schedule: Project was conducted in summer of 2019.
  • Funding and Source: Construction cost is estimated at roughly $3 million, not including right of way costs.  Funded by County General Roadway Funds and Metro Natural Areas Bond Measure's Nature in Neighborhoods capital grant program.

Project Description

This project replaced the culvert that carried Beaver Creek under SE Cochran Road with a 60-foot long bridge. The old culvert prevented the upstream migration of salmon and other fishes as a result of its design.

Old culvert carries Beaver Creek under SE Cochran Road.
The old culvert that carried Beaver Creek under SE Cochran Road was replaced by a new bridge.

The new bridge has a widened cross-section, providing more space for all modes of transportation. There are two 12-foot traffic lanes with two 11-foot shoulders. The shoulders allow space for 6-foot bike lanes and 5-foot sidewalks in the future.

For more information about restoration work in the Beaver Creek area, visit the Sandy River Watershed Council website.