While the specific conditions of supervision may vary from case to case, there is a group of standard conditions which apply to almost every justice involved individual. In addition, special conditions of probation may be imposed by the judge.

  1. Do not use or possess alcoholic beverages.
  2. Submit to testing of breathalyzer and field sobriety tests if requested by police.
  3. Do not drive a motor vehicle without a valid driver’s license and insurance.
  4. Do not enter or frequent any establishment whose primary income is derived from the sale of alcohol.
  5. Obtain a DUII evaluation and participate in and complete recommended alcohol/substance abuse treatment program.
  6. Attend the Victims panel.
  7. Participate in Multnomah County Adult Community Justice’s Monitored Misdemeanor Program; comply with the conditions of the program.
  8. Notify the  Monitored Misdemeanor Program of any changes in residence within 24 hours (excluding weekends).
  9. Report any police activity to Monitored Misdemeanor Program.
  10. Remain in the State of Oregon until written permission to leave is granted by Adult Community Justice or a county community corrections agency.
  11. Participate in Interstate Compact if you are moving out of state and have permission from the Judge, if you have two or more life time DUII’s. Receive permission from the state through Interstate compact before moving out of state.
  12. Participate and complete other conditions order by your judge. 


Monitored Misdemeanor Program Staff