While on the reduced supervision caseload you are still on formal probation. The difference between traditional probation and reduced supervision is that you are not required to see your Probation Officer every month. Instead of seeing your Probation Officer you must submit a monthly report and notify your Probation Officer should you need a travel permit, move, get a new job or have police contact. Additionally, you are responsible for completing all conditions of probation on your own. Compliance of your conditions of probation will be tracked and reported to the courts.

If you have a No Contact Order or Non-Offensive Contact Order with your victim, you must comply with that for the duration of your probation. If you have unauthorized contact with the victim you will be in violation of your probation. This may result in a hearing before the courts as well as a transfer to a higher level of supervision.


CHANGE OF RESIDENCE/EMPLOYMENT: If you are moving or have any changes in your employment, you must report this new information to your Probation Officer within 48 hours by calling 503-988-5056 and leave a detailed message. You will NOT receive a return call unless your Probation Officer needs clarification.

RELEASED FROM JAIL: When you are released from jail/work release you are required to contact your Probation Officer within 24 hours. 503-988-5056

COURT FEES/RESTITUTION: If you owe court fees or restitution, it is your responsibility to pay them and keep payments current. If you are not paying your court fees or restitution you may be found in violation of your probation. Pay Court Fees/Restitution Fees

COMMUNITY SERVICE: To enroll in Alternative Community Service call 503-988-3007.