The Donald E. Long School

At the Donald E. Long School, the Multnomah Education Service District supports our local school districts by providing a meaningful education in a positive climate, to the children of our communities, in an effort to provide them with skills necessary to avoid return to incarceration.

All students held in close custody, or residing in residential treatment programs within the facility, are eligible for school. Students receive 5.5 hours  of instruction a day during the school week, by highly qualified, licensed teachers. Physical education, art activities, and service learning projects are all a part of the school program.

Academic work in the basic skills is emphasized. Students work on CIM skills, and practice reading, writing, thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving strategies. Students may choose GED preparation, and may take the official GED tests on site. Students also have the opportunity to take district-wide and statewide assessments. Student expectations include developing workplace readiness skills and independent living skills. All class work is designed to give students skills necessary to support them in the community, and help them avoid return to incarceration. Service learning has become a major program component, developing character among students, and offering them the opportunity to give back to their community, and teaching them civic mindedness.

Technology plays a major part of delivering a quality education to the students. A multi-media approach in the computer lab enriches the learning process. A quality literature-based curriculum is available for use by all teachers. Instructional strategies vary widely because of the special needs of this unique population. Large group, group, and individual activities all take place. The expertise of individual teachers is shared with other teachers in an effort to provide all students with a positive school experience.