The Juvenile Services Tracking (JuST) system supplements the statewide Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS).  It supports assessment and treatment tracking for Juvenile Services Staff by eliminating duplicate data entry for Counseling and Treatment Services staff, automating referrals and progress reports and improving communication by making it easier to share information related to assessments and treatment episodes.

JuST facilitates communication between the Multnomah County Juvenile Services Division (JSD) and the agencies JSD works with regarding youth assessments and treatment. Internal Users are staff of Multnomah County Juvenile Services Division. This includes JCC’s, Mental Health Consultants, and other JSD staff who participate in the assessment and treatment referral processes. External users are clinicians and clinical supervisors at community agencies providing mental health and A&D assessments and services.  External users process assessments, treatment intakes, progress reports and exits based on referrals from Juvenile Services Division.  


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