June 10, 2014

In April, twenty volunteers who donated hours of their time to the Department of Community Justice (DCJ) were recognized for their service. Each year, the Board of County Commissioners honors citizens who volunteer for Multnomah County programs with their time, leadership and ideas at a Volunteer Award Ceremony hosted by the Citizen Involvement Committee in conjunction with National Volunteer Week.

Chair Madrigal congratulated the volunteers, thanking them for their commitment and reminding the audience that “It’s our government” and that the role of volunteers is vital to the work that Multnomah County is able to accomplish.

DCJ volunteers do a wide range of activities across our department; from administrative or web support, to tutoring adult students at the Londer Learning Center, to teaching yoga at the Juvenile Detention facility. 

Below is the list of our 20 volunteers who were recognized.                                              

Larry Betcher
Member, Citizen Budget Advisory Committee                                            

Erika Blum
Masters in Social Work Intern, CSEC Unit                                              

Brianna Durgin
Psychology & Criminal Justice Intern, SW Generic Unit

William Chu
Tutor, Londer Learning Center

Carol Claassen
Tutor and Teacher's Aide, Juvenile Custody

Matt Folsom
Masters in Social Work Intern, Sex Offender Treatment Team

Jim Gillin
Tutor, Londer Learning Center                              

John Grosvenor
Tutor, Londer Learning Center                                           

Tina Guiterrez
Volunteer & former Criminal Justice Intern, SW Generic Unit 

Angela Hartley
Tutor, Londer Learning Center      

Libby Johnson
Tutor, Londer Learning Center      

Ruth Jones
Member, Citizen Budget Advisory Committee          

John Larson
Tutor, Londer Learning Center

Kathy McCarthy
Tutor, Londer Learning Center

Veronica Medhanie
Restitution Tracking Volunteer, Victim Services Unit

Mark Oldani
Tutor, Londer Learning Center

Paul Sedler
Tutor, Londer Learning Center

Dave Straube
Tutor, Londer Learning Center

Samaiyah Young
Criminal Justice Intern, RISE Unit                                        

John Zalewski
Tutor, Londer Learning Center

Thanks to these volunteers for all they have done for DCJ.

Learn more about DCJ’s Volunteer and Internship program.