November 12, 2010

Halloween came early for staff and their families working in the Juvenile Services Division (JSD), Department of Community Justice (DCJ).  In late afternoon on Wednesday, October 27th, the hallways were filled with costumed children searching for Halloween treats.  The festivities were part of an annual JSD tradition in which staff members bring their children, grand-children and family members to celebrate Halloween in a safe environment. 

“Staff always look forward to this event.  It’s one of the most enjoyable days of the year,” noted Lori Arnett.  Indeed, the majority of staff were seemingly prepared for the early rush and stocked their desks with sweets, all on their own time using vacation, flex or comp time.  Those that could not be present for the candy give-away arranged to have a bowl of candy on their chair where passersby could help themselves on the honor system.  Many staff chose to decorate their desks and a few even wore costumes themselves.  Candace Johnson summed it up by saying, “It’s all about building a sense of community and getting to know your peers a little better. It’s such a positive experience to see the children change and grow over the years.”