August 11, 2014

Manager, Carole Scholl- (left), Londer teacher, Cheyenne Tuller (center) show new posters

The Londer Learning Center (LLC) hosted their first ever open house to celebrate the current students’ many accomplishments, to inspire potential students, and educate parole and probation officers and court officials about how LLC can serve students. They also took this opportunity to unveil their It's Never Too Late To Learn poster campaign featuring successful grads.

The staff organized interactive mini-lessons presented by current students and teachers to give prospective students a sense of the steps involved in the GED process. With recent changes to the GED, this was a good opportunity to summarize those changes and let prospective students know how these changes affect the GED test. This festive event also offered raffle prizes and cake and ice cream.

Carole Scholl, who oversees the Londer Learning Center, shared how proud she is of the program, but most importantly how proud she is of the students. She unveiled the new campaign posters, featuring 3 different graduates, who were on hand to pose in front of their posters, share their stories, and offer advice.

Velvet Aguilar shared that getting her GED changed her whole life; stating “I’m no longer limited by what I don’t know. I have no limit to where my life can go.” She has been attending Portland Community College for 4 terms, has direction now and has made the President’s list every term. She emphasized that the Londer Learning Center has given her the tools needed to move forward with her life.

Timothy Pool urged students to believe in themselves and acknowledged that people look down on those who don’t have a GED. However, he added that the Londer Learning Center has a lot of resources and that they shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. “These people believed in me” he said of the staff, never making him feel inadequate. He also shared that getting his GED and talking about college has helped his kids begin thinking about which college they would like to attend, becoming more serious about school than they were before.

Myldred Silvia expressed that getting her GED has allowed her to become a role model for her kids. She also praised the staff, sharing that they helped her find “a way out of no way”. She has gained self esteem and is now pursuing a higher level of education. She is now a proud member of society and has “not let the past determine my future.”

The grads offered advice to current and prospective students to be successful – be organized, stay on top of your work, study, ask questions, and believe in yourself. But they did warn that it takes a lot of effort, but –but in the end it is worth it.

This well-attended event provided a great way to show prospective students, DCJ staff and members of the community a glimpse of the hard work that goes into providing this opportunity to students and the benefits they get out of earning their GED.