Multnomah County is committed to promoting fairness, diversity and equality in public service by implementing, monitoring and enforcing the County’s Equal Employment Rules and Affirmative Action Plan, policies, processes and practices. The Office of Diversity and Equity, in conjunction with the Department of Human Resources, strives to ensure a non-discriminatory and harassment-free work environment for current and prospective County employees. 

In Multnomah County, diversity in the workplace means empowering a workforce that is inclusive of a broad range of human qualities. Workplace diversity is both a moral imperative and business strength, essential to providing quality support and services to our community. Our goal is to attract, develop and retain highly skilled and talented individuals across all departments and programs who best reflect the diversity of our region.

Rule 3-40 Discrimination and Harassment-Free Workplace

Rule 3-42 Accommodation Based on Gender Identity

Rule 3-45 Violence Free Workplace

Rule 3-47 Maintaining a Professional and Respectful Workplace