EOC LogoMultnomah County Employees of Color (MCEOC) is open to all Multnomah County employees, however, our primary focus is "employees of color" and our desire to have a peaceable and equitable working environment. EOC works at educating employees about various cultures as well as resolving conflict within the organization as it relates to diversity. This creates an empathetic atmosphere which allows us to better serve our consumers.

Fourth Thursday of each month, 10 am to 12 pm

If you are a MultCo Employee please see the Office of Diversity and Equity's Events Calender on the MultcoCommons for location details. Contact: eoc@multco.us

MCEOC Executive Committee

Chair: Larry Turner, larry.turner@multco.us

Co-Chair: Christy Wong, christyw@multco.us

Co-Chair: Darlena Hale, darlena.hale@multco.us

Co Chair: Leslie Esigna, leslie.esinga@multco.us

Co-Chair: LeShawn Willingham, leshawn.willingham@multco.us

Emeritus Co-Chair: Eddie Barbar, eddie.barbar@multco.us

Emeritus Secretary: Mariana Parra, mariana.parra@multco.us

Emeritus Co-Chair: Maya Noble, maya.noble@multco.us

Treasurer: Yehderah Tobiga, yehderah.tobiga@multco.us 

Communications Chair: Sara Garcia Gonzalez, sarag@multco.us

Emeritus Events Chair: Fanny Rodriguez-Adams, fanny.rodriguez@multco.us

Events Chair: Blanca Perez, blanca.perez@multco.us

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