Bradley Angle

Bradley Angle was the first domestic violence shelter on the west coast and offers safe shelter and supportive services to survivors and their children at a confidential safe location. To inquire about shelter bed space and eligibility, you can call their 24 hour shelter access line at 503-281-2442.

  • Staff are available on-site 24 hours a day.
  • We serve women, men and transgender people who are survivors of abuse.
  • Each individual and family is provided their own room. Bathroom and shower is shared.
  • Each adult and child receives a welcome bag to help ease the transition. Personal care items and limited clothing are also available.
  • Communal kitchen where meals can be cooked. Secure places to store food, as well as access to donated communal food. Participants must clean up after themselves.
  • Communal rooms for eating meals, watching TV, using the phone, accessing computers, and youth plan areas. Wifi is available.
  • There is a laundry room and laundry soap is provided.
  • The security alarm is set for 11pm each night until 6am the following morning. Quiet hours are from 8:00 pm to 6:00 a.m. on weekdays and 9:00 pm to 8:00 am on weekends.
  • There is a youth advocate on site to provide support to you and your family, as well as scheduled youth activities.
  • You are required to attend house meeting every week and to meet weekly with an advocate to develop an action plan. Other support groups and classes will be available to you at the Bradley Angle Resource Center.
  • You will be expected to keep the location of the shelter and the names of other shelter participants confidential.

Raphael House

Raphael House has been helping individuals and children fleeing domestic violence in the Portland area since 1977.

  • Confidential Shelter with other offices and programs on site where community partners can visit if they commit to maintaining confidentiality.  
  • Staff available on-site 24 hours a day. Advocates assist with case management needs, housing resources, youth and parenting support, emotional support, and maintaining safe and clean shelter environment.
  • Communal kitchen where you can cook meals for yourself and family. You will have a secure place to store your own dry food, as well as access to food.
  • Playroom and youth advocates available.
  • Every individual and child receives a welcome bag to help ease the transition and a move-out kit when moving into safe housing.
  • Separate rooms for each family. Families share a bathroom with one other family. One ADA room available with private bath.
  • Laundry room provided. Soap, sheets, and towels provided.
  • Computer, phone, and TV available.
  • Support groups for both adults and children available along with activities such as yoga, homework support, art focused groups and pet therapy.
  • Two community house meetings a week that help keep shelter community safe, secure and comfortable.
  • Resources and referral available including relapse prevention program and materials.
  • Community engagement includes house chore, accountability for yourself and family and maintaining safe communications and actions.

Watch a tour of the Raphael House.

West Women's and Children's Shelter/Salvation Army

  • 60 day Emergency shelter for survivors of domestic violence.
  • Four rooms for families (each family gets its own room) and a dormitory-style room for up to 8 women without children.
  • Each resident has a designated Advocate to assist them in their goal planning and housing security.
  • Non-violent, diverse, and clean & sober communal living environment which includes women and children from various cultures and backgrounds.
  • Weekly on-site meetings/groups include 2 hour domestic violence, nurturing mom's parenting support, TREM, Lifeworks NW therapist, family fun nights, movement classes, career coaching, creative expression/jewelry making, Rent Well.
  • Staff available on-site 24 hours a day.
  • Clothing and personal care items available.
  • Extended services including ongoing essential needs resources and advocacy.
  • Community dining room with meals provided three times a day, with the provision of a secure place to store personal food.
  • Children's Program with Family Advocates providing child care M,W,F 9am-12pm.
  • Access to criteria based transitional housing, rapid rehousing, and permanent supportive housing.

Clackamas Women's Services Emergency Shelter

Clackamas Women's Services emergency shelter is a 30 day base stay shelter for women and children fleeing domestic violence, sexual assault, elder abuse, trafficking or abuse in the sex industry.

  • A team of Case Managers are available on-site 24 hours a day and are able to accompany you to outside appointments for advocacy and support.
  • On-site Child and Family Counselor provides support with school enrollment, counseling and services for youth.
  • Bilingual staff are available, as well as in-person interpreters in a wide variety of languages.
  • Everyone has their own private room with a TV and places for your belongings.  There are shared bathrooms on each floor.
  • There is a communal kitchen where you can cook meals for yourself and family. You will have a secure place to store your own food, as well as access to emergency and communal food.
  • Laundry room provided. Soap, bedding, and towels and other household items are provided.
  • Emergency clothing and personal care items available.
  • Optional domestic violence support groups, self-care groups and other activities are offered on-site.