Domestic and Sexual Violence Coordination Office
209 SW 4th Ave., Suite 200, Portland OR 97204

Program Specialist Team

Alix Sanchez, DSVCO Manager Sr.
(503) 988-7522

Abby Gassama, Domestic and Sexual Violence Program Specialist Sr.
(503) 988-6440

claire barrera, Sex Trafficking Strategist Sr. 

Lee Watts, Sexual Assault Program Specialist Sr.  

Maria Lamb, Senior Data Analyst

Domestic Violence Crisis Response Unit (DVCRU)

Emi Martinez, DVCRU Supervisor
(503) 867-0129

Averi Sage, DVCRU Program Coordinator

Gateway Center for Domestic Violence

Please use our team's shared phone number and email address to contact Gateway Center staff:

(503) 988-6400

Martha Strawn Morris, Program Supervisor - Gateway Center

Karina Rutova, Program Specialist Senior - Gateway Center

Amanda Lee, Victim Advocate - Gateway Center

Scott MacNeill, Victim Advocate - Gateway Center

Michelle Whitlock, Victim Advocate - Gateway Center

Kara Sydnor, Client Assistant Case Manager - Gateway Center