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Have you experienced sex trafficking and need to talk to someone?

Contact Call to Safety’s 24/7 crisis line at 503.235.5333 to talk with a confidential and non-judgmental advocate.

Proyecto UNICA (Español) es una línea de apoyo confidencial que provee asistencia las 24 horas del día y 7 días de la semana para sobrevivientes de violencia. Llame al numero 503.232.4448.

What is being done to address sex trafficking in Multnomah County?

In 2009, Multnomah County established the Multnomah County Sex Trafficking Collaborative which is a network of government, not-for-profit agencies, and community members that collaborate to create a coordinated system to prevent and respond to sex trafficking. The goal of the Sex Trafficking Collaborative is to create a survivor-centered, trauma-informed, and sustainable system wide response to address sex trafficking of youth and young adults in Multnomah County.

To learn more about what is happening in Multnomah County and the city of Portland regarding sex trafficking, please visit the Multnomah County Sex Trafficking Collaborative’s website.