AE Service Provider Requirements

Multnomah County requires that all AE Service Providers comply with these standards. An AE Service Provider is defined as an organization contracted to provide professional services requiring planning and/or design work, and may include architects, engineers, consultants, interior designers, space planners, and design-build contractors (who have professional liability insurance and the capability to produce digital documents).

For any deviation from these standards, please submit a written request with specific explanation to the County Project Manager. The County Project Manager is the person designated to represent the County on issues for a specific project. The County will review the request and respond with a written authorization of acceptance or explanation of denial.

A/E Project Documentation 2021 (27.94 MB)

Multnomah County Revit Standards (4.65 MB)

The County welcomes your recommendations to improve our documents and documentation process. Address comments or questions about the interpretation or use of these standards to:

Facilities Building Data Management Center

Facilities & Property Management Division
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