Deferred Compensation is allowed and regulated under IRS Section 457 for public employees. You may defer eligible earnings up to the annual maximum set by the IRS. The County requires a minimum contribution of 1% of your wages while participation is active. How Much Can I Contribute?

Contribution Limits

Calendar Year    Age 49 & under by 12/31     Age 50 & over by 12/31     3 Year Catch-Up**

2022                              $20,500                         $27,000                         $41,000

You may make changes to your contribution amounts up to six times per calendar year by calling Voya at 1.800.584.6001 or logging into your Voya account online.

**There are two types of catch up provisions available; Special Catch-Up and Age 50+ Catch-Up.  To apply for special catch-up complete the catch-up form  Catch Up Form (126.96 KB)