Ben Kitoko (2014-15 Voting Member)
Ben Kitoko

Favorite Quote
"Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard"

Why I joined the MYC?
I joined MYC because I wanted to be part of the decisions that influence us teenagers.I was especially interested in working on the education committee, because education has been a huge factor in my life, in the sense that I have been able to excel and earn several opportunities in life through my educational pursuits.

MYC Goal for the Year
This year I want to hone in on my leadership skills, facilitating skills, and public speaking skills, because these are important to my role as a co-chair on the education committee, and because they will be helpful to me in all my future pursuits. I also want to make meaningful progress on the work that was started by the education committee last year. I would like to bring more awareness to the issue of chronic absenteeism, be part of a solution to the problem by developing action steps that are effective, and beginning recommendation for policy change.