Our Bill of Rights: Children plus Youth

After this event, a highly motivated group took the question to heart and began the task of developing "Our Bill of Rights, Children and Youth." After speaking with more than 3,000 children and youth, this team created a Bill of Rights that reflected the values, dreams and aspirations of the youth in our community. In June 2006, at the Convention on the Rights of Children, more than 500 youth, came together to ratify "Our Bill of Rights, Children and Youth."

In August 2006, the City of Portland became the first city in the nation to adopt a Bill of Rights, written by and supporting, children and youth. In that historic moment, the City of Portland acknowledged that children and youth have rights and made the commitment to uphold those rights. Several months later, Multnomah County reinforced the regions commitment to youth by adopting the Bill.

Since that time, "Our Bill of Rights, Children and Youth," has served to guide the development of City and County policies. It serves as a constant reminder of the vital role children and youth play in shaping the future of their communities. The document holds public officials accountable to protecting children's welfare and gives youth a concrete resource and tool to draw attention to their interests.

The City of Portland and Multnomah County remain committed to keeping the Children's Bill of Rights project truly authentic and valuable.

Our Bill of Rights: Children + Youth