January 10, 2014

On December 12th, eighteen Parole and Probation Officers (PPOs) were sworn in by Judge Nan Waller at the Multnomah County Court House. This was the largest swearing in of PPO’s in Multnomah County.

For a second year in a row, several of our PPOs took top honors at the training academy. Special congratulations go to David Main who earned the Victor G. Atiyeh Outstanding Student award, Jamiel Brown who earned the Outstanding Defensive Tactics Award, Andrew Skidmore who was the Class Spokesperson, and Jim Stevens and David Main who tied for 2nd place academically. 

DCJ Director, Scott Taylor, and Assistant Director,Truls Neal, along with District Managers, were there to welcome the PPO’s. The room was packed with family, friends, and colleagues.

The newly sworn in PPOs are:

  • John Bailey
  • Jennifer Brissenden
  • Jamiel Brown
  • Harley Earl III
  • Flemming Green
  • Noah Jones
  • Colleen Kim
  • Meghan Lee
  • David Main
  • Christine Meyers
  • Keith Murphy
  • Ronald Ramsey
  • Rochelle Reed
  • Matthew Scott
  • Andrew Skidmore
  • James (Jim) Stevens
  • Tosha Vanderburg
  • Erik Zilz

DCJ proudly welcomes the new officers.