Who We Are

We serve as the liaison between Multnomah County and various governmental bodies, including the United States Congress, the Oregon Legislature, and local governing bodies. Our primary mission is to advance Multnomah County's annual state and federal legislative agenda while ensuring the voices of our community are heard at every level of government.

We also collaborate closely with smaller cities within Multnomah County, offering insights into County actions and fostering partnerships that benefit our entire community. Furthermore, we are committed to establishing and maintaining strong relationships with Oregon’s nine recognized Tribal Governments, recognizing the importance of indigenous voices in shaping County policies and initiatives.

What We Do

Representation: Working in close partnership with the Board of Commissioners, County Departments, Regional Partners, and Community Groups, we advocate for policies and initiatives that serve the best interests of Multnomah County and its residents. Whether it's advocating for funding for vital programs or championing policies that promote equity and social justice, we're dedicated to ensuring that Multnomah County's voice is heard loud and clear.

Analysis and Tracking: In collaboration with County Departments, we diligently analyze and track the impact of federal and state legislation on County programs and residents. This allows us to anticipate challenges and opportunities, ensuring informed decision-making.

Collaboration: We actively collaborate with local government partners in the metro region to align priorities and share insights into Multnomah County operations and policy. By fostering strong relationships, we amplify our collective impact and drive positive change.

Tribal Liaison: Our dedicated Tribal Liaison serves as the single point of contact for Oregon's nine federally recognized Tribal Governments, facilitating meaningful interaction with County departments. We recognize the unique sovereignty and cultural significance of Tribal Governments and are committed to honoring their perspectives and priorities in our work.

Grant Coordination: Securing funding is essential for supporting County programs and initiatives, which is why our Senior Grant Coordinator works tirelessly across departments to secure, track, and implement competitive grants aligned with the County’s mission and values. By maximizing grant opportunities, we can further our efforts to create a more equitable and inclusive Multnomah County for all residents.

Our Commitment

At the Office of Government Relations, we are committed to transparency, equity, and accountability in all that we do. We strive to be accessible to the community we serve, listening to diverse perspectives and advocating for policies that promote social justice and equity. By building bridges between government, community, and Tribal partners, we aim to create a more inclusive and resilient Multnomah County for generations to come.

Thank you for your interest in our work. Together, we can make a difference.