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Pilot Sites Supports & Contracts

Pilot Sites partner with Preschool for All and receive access to individualized coaching, professional development, and business supports. Preschool for All contracts include funding for slots and for start-up costs. Each provider must apply for a minimum number of slots based on setting type. Providers can apply for more than the minimum number of slots and are encouraged to consider the number of slots that will be a good fit for their business model. 

  • Home-based providers are asked to apply for a minimum of 4 slots

  • Center providers are asked to apply for a minimum of 10 slots, with 10 slots per classroom

  • School districts are asked to apply for a minimum of 18 slots, with 9 slots per classroom

Program Schedules

In the Pilot Project, Preschool For All provides school-day and full-day schedules five days per week.

  • Full Day (10 hours) / Full Year (September - August with up to 4 full weeks off plus 8 additional calendar days of closures not including observed holidays).

  • School Day (6 hours) / School Year (900 hours total for the program year)

Family Application Process & Retention

Family applications are accepted through an online application system and prioritized families are matched with slots at Pilot Sites. Providers must accept and enroll the families that are matched with them. Providers work with the Preschool & Early Learning Division on continuity of care for currently enrolled children. 

Pilot sites must agree to retain all children in their care. There are no suspensions or expulsions allowed in Preschool for All. 


Funding for Pilot Sites is determined by the number of contracted slots and the services offered to families, including transportation. Current funding amounts for the 2023-24 year are:

  • School year/school day slots will be funded at $15,600 per child/per year. Sites must offer a minimum of 900 program hours (this hourly requirement is designed to align with Preschool Promise). 
  • Year round/full-day slots will be funded at $21,840per child/per year. Sites should offer 10 hours per day with up to four full weeks off (Monday-Friday) during the calendar year.

These total funding amounts could change for the 2024-2025 program year.

Selection Process

Preschool For All is looking for Providers who are: 

  • Ready to learn and grow
  • Currently serving Preschool for All’s priority populations
  • Committed to racial equity work and to providing culturally responsive care for Black, Brown, Native American Indigenous, and Families of Color
  • Ready to partner with Multnomah County's Preschool & Early Learning Division to refine program details

Preschool for All will be qualifying potential providers through our application process. Please learn more and apply to be a Pilot Site here! 

For more information about the Pilot Sites and Preschool for All, please visit our Provider Frequently Asked Questions page.