February 14, 2024

TRAFFIC ALERT: N.W. Logie Trail Road between N.W. Skyline Boulevard and Highway 30 is now open. It closed Jan. 31st due to a landslide.

N.W. Logie Trail reopens
A view of N.W. Logie Trail Road after crews cleared landslide debris, stabilized the bank and reopened the road.
During the last two weeks, crews worked to clear landslide debris and fallen trees. They then stabilized the exposed bank. January’s severe weather event increased the potential for landslides as grounds were saturated and trees were weakened by the ice and wind. 

Just a few weeks after January’s severe weather event, Multnomah County Transportation Road Maintenance is now preparing for potential snow overnight and will be working extended hours to monitor road conditions. Crews will be ready to plow and sand County roads impacted by any snow east and west of Portland. The County largely serves rural roads and some arterials.  

Follow County road condition updates at: https://twitter.com/MultCoRoads.

Multnomah County maintains 269 miles of roads. For information, visit: https://www.multco.us/roads