The SUN Service System Coordinating Council guides and supports the System to achieve its intended results and fulfill its commitment to equity and racial justice; maintains a strong collective impact partnership; and shares accountability for results.  


  • Advise sponsors on policy areas and financial allocation related to the SUN Service System
  • Engage in strategic planning including system review and design and development of system goals, outcomes and priorities
  •  Align programs to work toward those goals
  • Develop supportive policies
  • Engage the community to strengthen alliances and ensure voices are heard / incorporated
  • Support implementation of the Multnomah County Equity and Empowerment Lens
  • Champion the system in a collective way
  • Review dashboards and evaluation to measure success and monitor system performance. Support continuous improvement efforts linked to results.
  • Address systemic barriers and respond to emergent issues and trends

More About SUN Coordinating Council

SUN Coordinating Council Membership (382.5 KB)