1. Can I build in a public right-of-way or easement?

Generally, you cannot build in the public right-of-way. However, in special cases a permit may be issued. In a right-of-way easement no work shall be done without a permit. 

2. Where is the right-of-way or easement located?

Public right-of-ways and easements can be found by having a survey of the property in question. If a survey of the property has been previously completed the records may be obtained from the Multnomah County Survey Office located at: 

Yeon Building
1600 SE 190th Ave.
Portland, OR 97233
Phone: 503-988-3600

3. Is the centerline of the right-of-way always the same as the centerline stripe of the road?

No, due to existing slopes at the edge of the right-of-way and the alignment of existing roads being connected too the centerline of the right-of-way, it is not always concurrent with the centerline of the road. To accurately locate the centerline of the right-of-way have a professional survey done or determine the jurisdiction and contact the appropriate Survey Office to see if records already exist. 

4. How do I find out which jurisdiction a particular road is in?

Locate the road on a map and determine if it is located within the city limits of a specific city, then contact that city's Transportation Division. If the road is not located within the boundaries of a city then determine which county it is located within and contact the appropriate Transportation Division.

A map of Multnomah County-maintained roads can be found under Our Roads.