Buried in Treasures

The Buried in Treasures is a 16-week evidence-based, encouraging, and judgment-free program. These small group, discussion-filled classes provide people with similar experiences with understanding, skills, and support to understand why they have trouble letting go of items, have clutter around their home, are chronically disorganized, hoarding tendencies, or compulsively acquire.

This program is not for service providers, family members, or caregivers, but for those living with and wanting change.

The classes are not recorded. What is said is confidential. You will learn a lot about yourself, including skills to make the changes you need to create the home you envision.

Each 2-hour session focuses on a chapter in the book, Buried in Treasures: Help for Compulsive Acquiring, Saving, and Hoarding, with readings, activities, and homework between sessions. Once accepted as a participant, Multnomah County will mail this workbook to you. You must pre-apply to the program.

Participants must plan to commit to attending all 17 sessions as well as to participate actively. If you have a scheduled time away, to be successful, you'll still need to do the reading and homework, and communicate the absence ahead of time with the facilitator.

You will find a supportive community of people like yourself who are baffled and ready for change.

If this describes you and you are committed to exploring change within yourself, apply and join us.

You do not need to be defined or think of yourself as a hoarder or compulsive acquirer to benefit from the program. If you feel you need to declutter, simplify, or downsize, have too much stuff, or have trouble letting go or over-acquiring, this class helps you learn other lifelong coping skills and better habits.

As one's health and mental capacity can decrease, it does not get easier as one becomes older. 

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Facilitator Training: Buried in Treasures

Get trained in the curriculum so that you can feel ready to run groups at your agency or in your community.
Buried In Treasures is a 16-week evidence-based skill-building workshop based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Each session is 2-hours long and contains a number of activities/discussions to aid participants in overcoming the struggles associated with hoarding disorder and excessive clutter. Groups are generally comprised of 10-12 participants and 2 facilitators. 

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