Total ARP Investments: $10.2 million

American Rescue Plan Act investments in infrastructure improvements and new assets have enabled the Multnomah County workforce to work safely and successfully on site and in emerging models of work. These investments include funding for building air quality equipment, telework technology and other efforts that are essential to building a workplace that is responsive to shifting and emerging needs.

Program Name Program Description FY22 Amount Budgeted FY23 Amount Budgeted Notes
Department of County Management (DCM) Federal Grant Compliance and Monitoring Funded a dedicated position to track County ARP usage of funding, complete with all federal required reporting, support general compliance to laws and regulations, support County departments with ARP fund usage, and support enhanced external audit activities as it relates to COVID-19 relief funding. $160,000 $160,000
DCM Return to Work Coordinator Funded a Work Coordinator to provide leadership and project management for countywide planning for transitioning back to onsite work, as well as developing rules and processes that support a telework staffing environment. $200,000 $2,705,000
DCM Labor Relations Expanded Support Funded staff capacity to provide leadership that was critical to ensuring effective labor management relationships, appropriate work conditions and legal compliance. $226,600 $235,000
Countywide Federal Leave Supported COVID-related leave for employees. $1,250,000 $0
Department of County Assets (DCA) Air Quality Improvements for County Buildings Funded assessing and modernizing the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems in prioritized County-owned buildings, and making air quality improvements in facilities through assessment, upgrades and replacements of HVAC systems. $1,000,000 $800,000
DCA Remote Work/Telework Software This funding was used to identify, acquire and implement new technology to support employees in a hybrid work environment. $2,073,000 $1,473,000

Community Services - Road Services

$650,000 $600,000

Community Services - Transportation Capital

$1,000,000 $980,000

ARP - Digital Access Coordinator

$0 $165,592 Included in FY23 only