Total ARP Investments: $30 million

Investments made in this priority area are designed to protect and uphold the welfare of people in the direct care of Multnomah County, particularly those in congregate settings like shelters, jails and juvenile detention. This includes investments that maintain physical distancing in jails, fund additional and enhanced cleaning in County facilities, and support people transitioning back into the community after incarceration.

Program Name Program Description FY22 Amount Budgeted FY23 Amount Budgeted Notes

Joint Office of Homeless Services (JOHS) Portland Street Medicine

This investment built on the success of an existing volunteer team of medical professionals by adding a Medical Care Coordinator that coordinated care in the field for the most medically complex patients, supported them with follow-up medical case management, and conducted outreach and engagement to partner organizations. 

FY22 highlight: This expansion of this team allowed the group to offer street-based medical care to 162 individuals living unsheltered and in shelter programs throughout Multnomah County.

$175,000 $0
JOHS Expanded Access to Hygiene Services

For those experiencing unsheltered homelessness, access to basic hygiene services is one of the most challenging needs to meet. The importance of addressing basic hygiene needs was made even more apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic because of the importance of hand washing and basic sanitation to prevent the spread of the disease. Funding supported an expanded investment in basic hygiene services for the unsheltered population, with a focus on increasing access to toilets, hand washing and showers in areas currently most underserved with those resources. 

FY22 highlight: This investment resulted in the deployment of 25 stations that made hygiene services more accessible to over 10,000 people.

$750,000 $750,000

JOHS Social Distancing Shelters and Isolation Motels  

The County initially opened voluntary isolation programs in motels to help unhoused people who tested positive for or experienced high-risk exposure to COVID-19 isolate or quarantine and receive wraparound services until they recovered.

FY22 highlight: Funds supported the operation of physical distancing and voluntary COVID-19 isolation shelters, safety on the streets outreach and support for contracted service providers, which were critical to ensuring adequate physical distancing capacity within the shelter system including in motels, as well as adequate space for nearly 750 people experiencing homelessness and other community members with COVID-19 symptoms to isolate and recover.



JOHS C3PO Outdoor Shelter As an element of the emergency response, three emergency outdoor shelters were established for people experiencing homelessness. As people experiencing homelessness continued to feel the various health and financial impacts of COVID-19, this investment supported the continuation of existing operations at the three emergency outdoor shelter sites as part of the broader COVID-19 homeless services recovery strategy. $1,500,000 $0
JOHS Alternative Shelter for Adults 

Added staff capacity to ensure that the Joint Office of Homeless Services could continue to rapidly expand non-congregate alternative shelter options for people experiencing unsheltered homelessness.

$300,000 $0
JOHS Culturally Specific Outreach  Street outreach is a critical strategy to ensure people experiencing unsheltered homelessness are provided with access to basic survival supplies, receive critical information on available resources, and are assisted to navigate to those resources. Especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, having individuals who can bring services and supports to where people are is more essential than ever. This funding helped to significantly expand culturally specific outreach services, recognizing that to be most effective, outreach services should be delivered by and for the diverse racial and ethnic communities that make up our unsheltered populations. $425,000 $425,000
Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office Physical Distancing Dorms, Phone Access for Clients, Supplies

Funded the operation of an additional housing unit to allow for increased physical distancing for adults in custody.

$1,593,420 $697,357

Health Department (HD) Corrections Health Restoration and Expanded Services for COVID-19

An investment in Corrections Health to continue to provide essential services related to screening for and management of COVID-19, as well as provision of COVID-19 vaccinations to selected adults in custody based on public health recommendations.

$1,035,275 $0

Department of Community Justice Expanded Rent Assistance for Justice Involved Individuals

This funding was used to increase our capacity to provide short- and long-term housing/shelter for high-risk adults with special needs using several contracted community agencies.

$500,000 $250,000

JOHS - COVID-19 Emergency Response - Physical Distancing & Medical Isolation Shelter

$15,279,200 $0

JOHS - COVID-19 Emergency Response - Safety on the Streets Outreach

$500,000 $0

JOHS - COVID-19 Emergency Response - Partner Agency Support

$2,629,160 $0

ARP - Safety off the Streets - Emergency Shelter Strategic Investment

$0 $9,187,497 Included in FY23 only

Behavioral Health Resource Center (BHRC) - Day Center



Included in FY23 only

Public Health PDES COVID-19 Funding

$0 $225,000 Included in FY23 only

ARP - MCIJ Dorm 5



Included in FY23 only

ARP Community Violence Interruption Pilot

$0 $300,000 Included in FY23 only