Important 2024 Confidential Personal Property Return Instructions

Multnomah County is fully implementing the use of an electronic filing procedure and will not be providing a paper copy of the 2024 Confidential Personal Property Return (CPPR). Please follow these steps to ensure you are filing correctly on or before March 15.

  1. The CPPR can be found on our website 
  2. Property owners or authorized representatives must request an electronic asset list by email at   Request the list early; list will be sent in order requests are received. Turnaround time for asset lists may be up to a couple of days depending on number of requests.
  3. Review the county’s list and report your disposals! Assets not marked with an X in the Delete column will not be removed.
  4. Report additions by adding them at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Please include the following information.
    • Lessee name
    • Location of the equipment; must have zip code
    • Description
    • Unique asset number
    • Year purchased
    • Original cost
  5. Submit your completed CPPR (PDF) and active electronic asset list to

Do not send spreadsheet as PDF, submission will be rejected. A rejected Return may receive a late filing penalty (ORS 308.296). Make sure to fill in Return completely and sign.

Note: Must submit Active and Inactive property lists. If you don’t report your disposals (including how item was disposed, i.e. sold to lessee, returned to inventory etc.) the asset will remain on the account and be taxable for the current year.