Delinquent Personal Property Tax Payment Plan Request Form

The Delinquent Tax Payment Plan Request Form allows individuals and businesses who owe personal property tax to request a payment plan electronically. 

By submitting information on this page you are requesting a payment plan arrangement for your delinquent personal property taxes (Manufactured Structure, Floating Property, Business Personal, Machinery and Equipment or Utility account).  You are giving our office permission to reach out to you via the contact methods and information you provide.

While on an active payment plan you will not be subject to additional collection activities such as wage garnishment, bank garnishment or seizure as long as we receive regular monthly payments.  Being on a payment plan means you agree to make these payments.  Failure to make a monthly installment payment shall result in cancellation of the plan and reinstatement of all collection activities.  A payment is considered timely if made within the month the installment payment is due (i.e. - August installment is due no later than August 31st).

Before you begin you will need your property information

Click the link below to look up your property account number if it is Use the 'CONTINUE AS A GUEST' login, no password required. 

After submission we will contact you and may ask for following information;

  • Social Security Number (or other number as appropriate)

  • Bank Account Information

  • Household Finance Information


The first payment on the delinquent contract is due upon commencement. Please be advised: Online requests require 1-3 business days for processing. For immediate assistance, please contact the Tax Collections Department at 503-988-7896.

Click here for more information on Delinquent Property Taxes and Foreclosure

Property Owner
Example: U123456, or P123456, or M123456. (Property ID/s Parcel Numbers starting with "R" are not eligible for payment plans. Please refer to Foreclosure information.)