The Broadway Bridge has a long list of repair needs. Some of the most critical repairs will begin in 2003, when all or part of the bridge will be repainted and the deck and sidewalks repaired. A choice needs to be made soon whether to close the bridge or keep it partially open during construction. Both options have advantages. If the bridge is closed, the project will be shorter and more repairs can be done. If the bridge remains partially open, traffic can still cross it most of the time.

This $25 million project represents a major portion of the planned work to rehabilitate the Broadway Bridge. Encompassing three phases of work, the project includes painting the underside of the main bridge structure, replacing the deck of the fixed and lift spans, replacing the sidewalks on the fixed spans, upgrading the span locks and installing centering devices and a storm water collection system.

The project was awarded to Mowat Construction Company on December 10, 2002 by the Oregon Department of Transportation. Work began on February 3, 2003 with the installation of traffic control signs and signals.