Organizational Change Logo in purple.

The Organizational Change Team (OC) strives to increase employee engagement and enhance change experiences. We focuses on the people’s side of change. Every project and program seeks to create or improve, and there is always some effect on people. OC focuses on ensuring employees are engaged in the adoption of change, through awareness, communications, coaching, training, empowerment and reinforcement. 

We support ongoing organizational adoption in key features of the countywide workplace:

  • Policy, personnel rules and contracts
  • Human resources and manager training
  • Workday for Employees
  • Google for Employees
  • Project management
  • Change management

What is Organizational Change and Why is it Important?

Organizational Change is an approach to change in an organization that puts the people's side of change at its center. All change affects people and has a human component. When organizational change is part of the projects and initiatives, from decision to implementation, there is more successful change adoption by those impacted.