May 5, 2021

Preschool for All

Multnomah County voters to decide on free preschool for all

Preschool for all measure passing in Multnomah County

Here's what Portland area measures passed

How an Oregon Measure for Universal Preschool Could Be a National Model

What this Oregon County's "Preschool For All" Victory Means for Child Care in America 

Breaking down the passage of "Preschool for All"

Among the winners of the 2020 election: Universal Preschool

Multnomah County's Preschool for All Measure Won. Here's What the Campaigns Are Taking Away From It

Social Venture Partner Portland connects investors and early childhood nonprofits

Parents can't afford daycare and preschool: Oregon voters are giving it to kids for free

Chasing 'universal': What NH can learn about publicly funded pre-K

Free Preschool passed! Now what?

Multnomah County’s Tuition-Free Preschool Tax Will Bring in a Lot Less Money Than Backers Projected

Multnomah County announces hiring of Preschool for All director

Jessica Vega Pederson says Congress should pay the Cost of the Baby's Room

Children’s Institute grants Commissioner Jessica Vega Pederson the Alexander Award

County officials address providers’ Preschool for All concerns

Child care programs struggle amid pandemic, but Multnomah Co. leaders say help is coming

Rental Assistance

Board Approves $14.4 million in additional rental assistance, more on the way

Board Approves emergency rental assistance increase 

Multnomah County rescinds eviction moratorium, defaults to state guidelines

What Oregon Leaders are saying about Joe Biden's victory'

Joint Office of Homeless Services

Unprecedented Joint Office budget adds new shelter beds, behavioral health services, hygiene access — and an immediate infusion of supportive housing

A New Split in the Debate on Homelessness Emerges: Who Will Fund Wraparound Services at Portland’s Safe Rest Villages?

Board of Commissioners

‘A crisis within a crisis’: County leaders brief board on preliminary findings of June extreme heat report

Multnomah County Board Approves Historic 2.82B Budget

Board honors those lost to violence on Trans Day of Remembrance

Prominent Oregon Latinos condemn lawsuit that challenges state's fund for Black Oregonians

Multnomah Commissioner leads call to undo Trump-era immigration policies

Multnomah Commissioner Demand Biden Eliminate Trump Anti-Immigrant Decrees

Central Human Resource officials outline new manager orientation and Countywide resources to support workplace equity

"My Life Is Beautiful," Board of Commissioners proclaims September 2021 as Recovery Month 

Board proclaims September Infant Mortality Awareness Month; applauds service to support families

Latinx leaders reflect on state of the community as Multnomah County proclaims Sept. 15 - Oct. 15 Hispanic Heritage Month

Board of Commissioners declares month of June Pride Month, affirms commitment to recognizing and serving the needs of LGBTQIA2S+ community

Duncan family shares experiences as Board proclaims June 12 Loving Day, celebrating monumental court case legalizing interracial marriage

County approves nearly $60 million in additional funding for health, public safety, human services and homelessness programs

Urgent shelter, outreach and health services: Multnomah County and Portland leaders unveil new $38 million homelessness plan

Board approves $30.4 million in emergency investments after rare budget surplus

Board proclaims October 2021 “Domestic Violence Awareness Month” as pandemic fuels rise in cases, severity

Board issues proclamation observing Nov. 11 as Veterans Day in Multnomah County

County budget experts deliver five-year budget outlook, predict $18.4 million surplus in Fiscal Year 2023

County submits $4.8 million proposal for Measure 110 funding to support access to drug treatment

COVID-19 Pandemic

Commissioners voice support for mask mandate, praise Public Health for its leadership

Convention Center Spires Honor COVID-19 Victims

Oregon Convention Center lights up, church bells toll to honor lives lost in COVID-19


Commissioners Vega Pederson & Jayapal Convene Wood Smoke Policy Work Group

Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

Board votes to phase out gas-powered leaf blowers

Multnomah County adopts plan to phase out gas-powered leaf blowers

Ban on gas-powered leaf blowers back on table in Multnomah County

MultCo. considers ban on gas powered leaf blowers

Gun Violence

Portland Police Officers Have Responded to 355 Shootings So Far This Year in Portland

Hear From Portlanders Living in a Neighborhood Where Gunfire Is Killing Black People

East Portland

Sen. Ron Wyden pledges Medicaid funding for air conditioners

Commissioner Vega Pederson, other leaders seek relief for heat island residents

Oregon State Legislature

As Legislative Conduct Committee Hears Hernandez Report, Pressure Mounts for His Resignation

Board Unanimously Appoints Andrea Valderrama to vacant House District 47 seat

Transportation Safety

Traffic safety report shows Black residents at greater risk than White residents while traveling in Multnomah County

I5 Rose Quarter 

U.S. Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley Push Gov. Kate Brown for a Cover Over I-5 in the Rose Quarter

Library Capital Bond Project

Officials brief board and public on Library Capital Bond project

In the Community

Street clean-up hosted by Commissioner Vega Pederson and Division Midway Alliance


These Three Campaigners Are Claiming Political Space for All

Portland leaders chide U.S. Postal Service as mail delivery permanently slows by 40%