Multnomah County is a safety-net service provider.  The county provides services for seniors and disabled people, animal services, assessment and taxation, bridges, community justice, courts, elections, health, jails, libraries, marriage licenses and passports, school and community partnerships.  Four commissioners elected to the board by district. Elected countywide are a board chair, sheriff, district attorney and auditor.

Commissioner Stegmann represents District 4, which is located entirely in East Multnomah County.  Less populous than West Multnomah County, but still nearly half of the county's population, East County accounted for almost half (41%) of the County’s population from 2013-2017.  During that time, Multnomah County’s population was estimated to be 788,459 people, and 322,005 of these people lived in East County.  Moving toward 2020, East Multnomah County is expected to see continued growth and change.  

Through her board liaison assignments and policy priorities, she brings the voices and experiences of her constituencies to regional leadership tables across Oregon.  East County is a wonderful place to live and has a vibrant and engaged community. It is culturally and geographically diverse, and brimming with potential.  East County communities are more diverse racially and ethnically, but also experience lower income and higher poverty.  Many communities are cost burdened when securing and maintaining housing, dedicating 30-50% of their annual income toward housing costs.  Focused investments and resources to support residents and build a thriving infrastructure in East County is a priority for Commissioner Stegmann.  This is more than just jobs, housing, or stability alone but rather a focus on place-based enhancements across many of the sectors in the community.  As East County continues to grow and change, being mindful of unnecessary risks of displacement to already vulnerable residents is a key consideration.

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