DSS-J Policy Committee

Mission: To oversee the continued development of the Decision Support System Justice (DSSJ) data warehouse by prioritizing strategies to improve the administration, accessibility, operation, and security of DSSJ to ensure the realization of the system’s full potential. 

Justice Reinvestment/3194 Steering Committee

Chaired by David VanSpeybroeck

Mission: A steering committee tasked with implementing a justice reinvestment program in Multnomah County that meets the goals established by House Bill 3194, which include maintaining an effective and sustainable public safety system while reducing prison growth.

Affiliated public safety groups

Criminal Justice Advisory Committee (CJAC)

Chaired by Judge Michael Greenlick

Mission: “To consider and address methods of coordinating court, public defense and related services and resources in the most efficient and cost-effective manner that complies with the constitutional and statutory mandates and responsibilities of all participants” (ORS 1.851).

Reentry Council

Chaired by Sheriff Nicole Morrisey and Jay Scroggin

Mission: To examine ways to pool resources and funding streams to promote lower recidivism rates for returning offenders and minimize the harmful effects of offenders’ time in jail on families and communities.

Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team

Chaired by Judge Nan Waller 

Mission: To carefully review the details a criminal case involving a death caused by domestic violence in order to gain insight into the tragedy and develop recommendations for strategies to avoid similar incidents in the future.

Juvenile Justice Council

Chaired by Judge Amy Holmes Hehn 

Mission: To provide a forum for the development and implementation of policies, procedures and practices to improve the juvenile justice system by promoting public safety, responding to the needs of victims and assuring the equitable and effective delivery of services to youth and their families.

Past affiliated groups and subcommittees

Racial and Ethnic Disparities (RED) Subcommittee
Chaired by Judge Nan Waller

Youth and Gang Violence Subcommittee
Chaired by Deputy District Attorney Kirsten Snowden and Nike Greene

Public Safety Plan Workgroup
Chaired by Mike Schrunk and Scott Taylor

Alcohol and Drug Criminal Justice Workgroup
Chaired by Commissioner Serena Cruz

Task Force on Over-Representation in the Criminal Justice System (ROCS) (2001-2002)
Chaired by District Attorney Michael Schrunk and Reverend Ronald Williams, Pastor Bethel AME Church

Working Group on the Over-Representation of Minorities (1998-2000)
Chaired by District Attorney Michael Schrunk

System and Agency Alignment Workgroup
Chaired by Portland Police Chief Mike Reese

Evaluation Resource Group
Chaired by Matt Nice

Working Group on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
Chaired by Elyse Clawson, Past Director Department of Community Justice

Working Group on Domestic Violence (1998-2000)
Chaired by Chiquita Rollins, City of Portland and Multnomah County Domestic Violence Coordinator

Working Group on Strategic Approaches to Community Safety (STACS)
Chaired by Kris Olson, US Attorney