Updated Aug. 31, 2022

IRS form W-9Help for landlords

The Landlord Guarantee Program (LGP) is a program administered by Home Forward, the housing authority that serves the Portland and Multnomah County area. The program can help landlords who have tenants with back-owed rent get reimbursed for eligible non-payment costs incurred during the “safe harbor” period.

Landlords can learn more about their eligibility for the Landlord Guarantee Program and apply by visiting www.oregonlgp.org.

Other resources are available: Move-In Multnomah

The Move-In Multnomah landlord incentive program is a new initiative, launched in April 2022 and led by the Joint Office of Homeless Services, offering incentives and dedicated support to landlords willing to make housing units available to people coming out of homelessness.