Jaycob: My personal goal and goal of the program is just changing lives.

You know it's it's such an amazing thing coming over and helping people just realize you know hey you know if you change this little, little thing in your lifestyle it could just make such a huge impact on your environment and, and just like your whole house in particular.

My name is Jacob and I work for the Department of County Human Services Weatherization Program. Weatherization is a program where we come to your house and we look at the heating system, water heater, and the refrigerator. We find out how leaky your house is, what the insulation levels are in the home and we look for health and safety issues.

We see what we can do to make your house more healthy comfortable. We take it from a house to a home. 

Eligibility is based on income. We give priority to seniors, families with children under 6 and people with disabilities. 

The long-term impacts I would say is you know after weatherization is done ideally here your bills go down your house is more comfortable. So nearly 100% of the time people are just ecstatic they, they feel like it's a holiday because you know they get all this all this stuff for free and it's just like they can't believe that there's actually a program out there like this.

So that's just you know it's just something that really touches your heart.

Natalie Client: Honestly I do, I didn't know what to expect. I thought maybe some volunteers would help me insulate my attic but it's turned out that I got so much more than I ever thought would ever happen for me. 

It means I can stay in my house. I can age in place and be here as long as possible

Anybody that's lucky enough to be able to have this done please go do it. It's incredible.

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